Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What I Ate on Weight Watchers - September 22nd

I don't even know where to start about today! It was one of the craziest mornings I woke up to. I was woken up to hearing my neighbor screaming and freaking, then I heard her say "it was a cougar!" So yea that's how my day started. Unfortunately that cougar killed their little dog :( It's pretty scary, we pretty much live in town in a very busy neighborhood, some place you would never expect to see a cougar. They have yet to catch it, but they have hunters with dogs hunting it now...thank god! I want to feel comfortable again letting my dogs out in the morning, and letting my kids play in the yard again! Anyway...I was pretty stressed and didn't have much of an apatite, but this is what I ate today!

Breakfast: Non-fat Peppermint Bark French Vanilla Latte (5 PP) and a pear (0 PP)

Lunch: Smart Ones Chicken Fettuccini (7 PP), salad (0 PP) with Marie's Creamy Ranch (3 PP for 1 tbsp) and a Diet Mtn. Dew (0 PP)

Dinner: 4 slices Turkey Bacon (2 PP), French Toast (I made it with 2 slices Sara Lee 40 Calorie bread - 2 PP, Fat-Free half and half - 0 PP, Fat-Free French Vanilla coffee creamer - 1 PP, and liquid eggs - 1 PP, for a total of 4 PP for the french toast!), and a Pineapple and Mango fruit cup (2 PP)

Points Used: 23/31
Activity Points Earned: 2
Steps Taken - 10,388
Miles Walked - 4.2

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